Top 10 vgo case opening sites! VGO Case Opening Site Promo Code.
1.  VGO Unbox & vSkins & vCases & Trade | Skinfans |
VGO Unbox & vSkins & vCases & Trade | Skinfans |
Welcome to Skinfans (, here you can unbox vCases and unlock VGO vSkins. On Skinfans you can find information about all VGO items. Also you can find FAQ about VGO and have fun in our chat. Sign in with steam and get started.

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2.  LootVGO - Unbox the skins of your dreams
LootVGO - Unbox the skins of your dreams
LootVGO is the best way to open your vCases out there. Participate in social activities while watching crates bust open.

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3.  VGOUnbox

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What is VGO?

VGO items are digital items generated using blockchain technology. Every VGO item is one-of-a-kind and generated from a smart contract.

Get Started with VGO

You can obtain VGO items several ways: buy an item from a marketplace like OPSkins, trade for one using WAX ExpressTrade, or roll your own by opening vCases with vKeys.

How do I get a vKey?

There are two ways to get a vKey:
  1. Purchase one from a marketplace that supports VGO items
  2. Get a vKey in a trade from another VGO user

Why is there only one type of vKey?

For simplicity, any vKey can open any vCase.

Why does it take so long to open a vCase?

vCase is based on the Ethereum blockchain for now, which brings many advantages over traditional case opening sites, mainly transparency. However until we migrate to the WAX Blockchain, case openings can take up to two minutes to complete because of the speed of Ethereum blockchain. The WAX Blockchain will be much faster and will make case openings instant.

Where do my VGO items go once a vCase is opened?

The VGO items that you receive from a vCase opening are sent to your OPSkins ExpressTrade Inventory

What can I do with my VGO items once I receive them?

You can trade your VGO items to another VGO user for free on, as long as you have their VGO Trade URL. You can also sell or trade them to any marketplace that supports VGO items.

What are the vCase opening odds?

VCases's opening odds are on average around 3x better than Steam's case opening odds.

How do I know that the vCase odds are what you claim they are?

You can check the results of all vCase openings because all items generated from vCases are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Each item generated links back to a blockchain transaction for full transparency. For this reason, VGO items also cannot be duplicated.

Can I lose my VGO items, or can VGO get shut down by Steam?

No. Since VGO uses blockchain technology, neither Steam or anyone else can shut it down. If the OPSkins ExpressTrade website disappeared tomorrow, the data behind the items would still exist and could be rendered with graphics to showcase the unique properties of the items.

Why is there a minimum case opening quantity?

Because vCase is operating on the Ethereum blockchain at this time, there is a minimum case opening quantity due to ETH gas fees. Once we migrate to the WAX Blockchain, these minimums will change