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We collect free skins activities, roll free skins and other channels that can get free skins in the network. People with good luck and have enough time can get valuable skins through the methods we recommend. I also have a website to recommend those who already have skins and spare money but are still interested in open case , spinach and other games related to some skins, link =>orksgaming , if you want, search it and visit it. Of course, everyone can continue to enjoy your time here.

BLOW are absolutely free paths!
  • Twitter Activities

    We put it in the first one, mainly because of two points. 1. High value. A majority of Twitter activities will give away free skins which are worth hundreds of dollars. 2. Easy to participate. For a person with a twitter account, it is easy to participate in the activities by forwarding, following, @, commenting, etc. We put these twitter accounts together and you can accomplish processes above in our website. Just takes 5 minutes to participate in 10-20 activities that may get $50-$100, and you will get rewards with a high probability. This is the link entry for the twitter activity => twitter entry

  • Make money from some sites to exchange skins

    Some websites can get the currency of the website by completing the task of the website, and then these currencies can be exchanged for the game accessories in the steam platform such as dota2, csgo and so on. These tasks include watching a fixed video, completing a survey, and more. The task is generally simple, but most of the websites are English websites, and some of the functions of some websites are restricted to domestic users. Generally, more rewards can get more than ¥20 a day, and a few dollars a day are generally no problem. Website list => Click to enter

  • Giveaway websites

    Some websites can obtain the daily benefits of the website, accumulate daily free benefits, and redeem the real skins to complete the skin withdrawal. The free benefits that this part of the site can get are generally less, but very stable, and have a low probability of getting high-value skins. Users only need to have 4-5 such websites, receive benefits every day, and redeem the skin by opening the box, etc., and you can complete the day's accumulation in 5-10 minutes.=> Click to view the list of websites