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CSGO Dota2 PUBG Case Opening

Daily free cases. Case battle to win more items. 5% for depositing. $1 for using code at the first time.

福利码: orksgaming
福利内容: $1

Use promo code orksgaming to get $1 for free!

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The dota2, csgo case opening site for the lucky dog - Flamecases

Flamecases is a open case website with good user experience. Flamecases is a user-friendly dota2, csgo, pubg open case website, whose abbreviation is called “小F”Website address =>Flamecases

Flamecases has a lot of free benefits and can offer rebate to players, which favored by cutomers. Those who like dota2, csgo open case must not be missed. Ok, let me introduce how to get some benefits in the dota2, csgo open case website.

Click the button in the figure below to log in to Flamecases. Domestic users may need a VPN to help log in the Steam account.Here Is The Solution To The Problem


Aftervsuccessful login, click the "plus button" on the right side of the avatar to recharge, and there are two recharge methods: G2A and Alipay.


Users can get free benefits of $0.75 using the site's recommendation code orksgaming. You can see what skins are there first.



After recharging, the case can be opened. The skins can't be received directly, and I will tell how to liquidate it later.

If balance in your account is higher than a certain level, you can join in the website activities to get the benefits of free skins. For example, as the figure below, your account balance is higher than $5, $9, $18, you can participate in these free activites. There kind of acitivies don't exist in Dota2 part, you need to click on the title bar and switch to the csgo open case.


If you win the prizes, it is very cool, a huge profit is in your pocket. There are three special cases in csgo part, the first is daily welfare case can give $0.02-$10 per day. The second is the probability case, you may get a cherish skin from it. And the last is battle case, in this case, you battle with another gay, that who get the better skin get the all skins.


Ok, at this moment you cannot directly received what you get in the previous open case, but you can make some exchange. Click on the avatar or you account name in the personal center interface, there is a case open history below.


Now you can sell the skins to the XXSkins account and purchase CSGO or any other skins. The purchased skins can be retrieved directly or withdraw deposit to the Alipay through the following two simple steps:

  1. Log in to XXSkins using your Steam account on flamecase, which is a separate websitewww.xxskins.com
    2.In your Flamecases skin warehouse, choose the skin you want to sell, click the "One button to XXSkins".Please note: Each amount added to your XXSkins account will be charged 3% as a service fee.

Okay, enjoy your time of opening case in Flamecases.=>Flamecases




1. 所有代码都只能使用一次,无法重复使用该代码反复获取优惠福利 2. 一个平台只能使用一次优惠代码,如果你使用国其他代码,就不可以再使用本站代码了,你可以重新注册新的账号,依然能获取新的福利