Astralis战队关于Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz转会的声明 

Astralis and the legendary Swedish organization Ninjas in Pyjamas have agreed to a transfer of Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz.

Astralis与瑞典传奇战队Ninjas in Pyjamas已经同意Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz的转会。

The transfer is a result of a personal request from the player, who has expressed his wish to work out of Stockholm and still be able to have a team and organization close to him.


Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports in Astralis:

Kasper Hvidt,Astralis体育部门总监:

- Nicolai has been a part of Astralis and the core of the team since day one, and he has been vital to the culture and legacy of the team. He is one of the greatest players of all time, and for any team to part ways with a player and a person like him is never easy in any way.

- 从第一天开始,dev1ce就一直是Astralis的一部分,也是团队的核心;他对于队伍的文化和传统至关重要。他是有史以来最伟大的选手之一;与一名像他这样的选手、像他这样的人分道扬镳,对任何一支战队来说都绝非易事。

- His personality and contribution to Astralis, though, is also the reason why we have made the decision to help him out and arrange a transfer to NiP. For personal reasons he has asked us for the possibility to transfer to an organization closer to his home in Stockholm, and after lengthy talks, it became clear that this is what he felt is best for him. We immediately contacted NiP to see if there was any way we could come to an agreement of a transfer - and here we are.  

- 他的人品、以及他对Astralis的贡献,也是我们决定帮助他转会到NIP的原因。出于个人原因,他向我们探讨一种可能性,即转会到距离他在斯德哥尔摩(瑞典首都)的家更近的组织;经过长时间讨论,我们明确这是他认为对他最合适的选择。我们立即联系NIP,以讨论能否就转会达成一致——于是我们成交了。

- We could have insisted on keeping Nicolai until his contract expires in December, but when someone who has served the team the way he has, we will do our utmost to find a solution that satisfies both parties. The transfer agreement with NiP is such a solution, and while everybody in Astralis is sad to say goodbye to Nicolai, we are also happy that we have been able to accommodate his request in a way that compensates us and leaves us all in a good position going forward.

- 我们本来可以强求dev1ce留队,直到他的合同在12月到期;但当一名选手像dev1ce这样为团队奉献时,我们将竭尽全力找到一个解决方案,使双方都满意。与NIP的转会协议就是这样的解决方案;虽然Astralis的每个人都为向dev1ce告别感到伤心,但我们也很高兴能够以这样的方式满足他的请求,让双方和平分手、继续前行。

- On behalf of the entire Astralis organization, I wish Nicolai the best and thank him for his time, efforts, always positive contribution to our culture - and countless of unforgettable moments!

- 我谨代表Astralis全体成员,向dev1ce表示最良好的祝愿,并感谢他的时间、努力,对我们文化始终积极的贡献——以及无数难忘的时刻!

Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz:

Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz:

- Astralis has been such a big part of my life, the team, and the organisation, and I say goodbye to a bunch of awesome teammates and great people in the organization, many of whom I am very close with.

- Astralis这个团队和组织一直是我的生活中如此重要的一部分;我向这个组织的很多优秀的队友和很棒的人们道别,我与他们中的许多人非常亲近。

- The past year with COVID and everything else associated has been incredibly tough for all of us, like so many people in so many careers. Living far from the office, not being able to meet your teammates, online and virtual training and playing from afar has been challenging. It has become clear, how much I miss having a team and an organization close to me, and for so many reasons the time simply feels right to change things up and find myself in all this.

- 过去一年由于疫情的影响,对我们每个人来说都非常艰难,就像很多职业中的很多人一样。远离办公室生活、无法与你的队友见面、相距遥远的线上训练以及比赛都充满挑战。事实已经很清楚,我很想拥有一个距离我更近的团队和组织;同时,出于多种原因,我认为现在做出改变的时机是正确的,于是就这么做了。

- I would like to thank Astralis for their understanding and cooperation in all of this; I enter a project I truly believe in, and I am looking forward to finding the stability and good energy of having a more balanced work life. I can't wait to get started with my new team and teammates!

- 我愿感谢Astralis对这一切的理解与配合;我加入了一个我真诚相信的项目,并期待找到更加平衡的工作生活带来的稳定性和正能量。我已经等不及与我的新团队和队友开始合作了!

- My time with Astralis, on the team, in the office, with the performance group and all the partners has been a key period in my life that I will always cherish. Primarily I want to   thank all the fans for their support, it is impossible to say how significant they are to me, the team, the game, and the sport.

- 我在Astralis度过的时光,包括队伍、办公室、保障团队以及所有合作伙伴,一直是我生命中的一段关键时期;我将永远珍惜这段时光。我尤其要向所有粉丝为他们的支持表示感谢;我无法形容他们对我、对团队、对这款游戏,以及对这项电竞运动的重要性。

- Astralis will always be a part of me, and I look forward to meeting everybody again on and off the server.

- Astralis永远是我的一部分,我期待与每个人再次见面,无论在场上还是场下。

The parties have agreed not to comment on financial details.


Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz has already had his last day in the Astralis, who will play with "gla1ve", "Bubzkji", "Xyp9x", "Magisk" and "dupreeh" in the coming DreamHack Masters from April 29th.