- Fixed names for several Operation Broken Fang patches to appear as different Steam Community Market commodities.
- Fixed Sir Bloody Darryl’s death sound.
- Fixed a regression with soft shadows under agents.
- Fixed demo playback for the compatibility version of Mirage.
- Added “Looking to Play: Guardian” for people looking to play Guardian and Strike missions with a partner.
- Fixed mini-scoreboard alignment when showing player counts.
- Removed vote to change map in Retakes.
- Reduced round restart delay to 5 seconds in Retakes.
- Fixed ping icons to show actual pinged weapon or bomb in all game modes.
- Fixed ping icons to become transparent when player’s crosshair pointing directly at them.
- Localization updates.
- Improved stability.


- 修复了一些Steam社区市场物品中“狂牙大行动”补丁的名称;
- 修复了新探员“残酷的达里尔爵士”的死亡音效;
- 修复了代理下具有软性阴影的回归;
- 修复了荒漠迷城兼容版本的DEMO回放;
- 在“找队友”侧边栏中增加了“守护模式”的选项,以寻找想要一起玩守护模式和合作精英模式的玩家;
- 修复了显示玩家人数时迷你记分板的对齐方式;
- 去除了回防模式中更换地图的投票;
- 将回防模式中回合重新开始前的延迟时间减少至5秒;
- 修复了ping图标,以在所有游戏模式下显示实际ping的武器或炸弹;
- 修复了ping图标,使其在玩家的准星直接指向它们时变透明;
- 本地化更新;
- 提高了稳定性。