VGOUnbox Review 2018

VGOUnbox is one of the fastest growing sites offering VGO Cases. It was also among the first sites to introduce VGO Case Opening after VGO’s official release in June 2018.

VGOUnbox Code and bonuses

Unfortunately at the time of writing this review VGOUnbox has not been offering any promo code or other bonuses, beside what you can get as an affiliate (which is $0.04 for every referred case opening).

You can use code: vgocasinos, but this will just give us some profit from every vgo case you’ve opened. If you want to support us, then go for it


VGOUnbox offers two kinds of case opening: official or custom vgo cases. Official cases don’t require any explanation. Custom ones contain all the skins available in the site’s inventory (that are available for trade) and opening the case costs (at the time of writing this review) $2.76.

Another thing they offer is skin trading. You can exchange your VGO Skins for what they have in their trade market which is pretty cool if you’re collecting skins and want to get them all.

Payment methods

There are 2 methods of adding funds or keys to the site. One is by making a deposit with VGO Skins and using them later on to open a Custom Case or trade for other skins. Another way is just buying keys on OPSkins and trading them to the site’s bot in order to be able to open the case. After winning a skin, it appears automatically in your inventory. As for OPSkins you can add funds to your account with various methods including:

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • G2A Pay
  • Bitcoin

Skins received from opening official VGO Cases are transferred directly to your OPSkins account. Other Skins (from trade or custom cases) can be withdrawn from the site’s inventory.


VGOUnbox offers clean design that is easy to navigate. On the left side you will find daily and all-time stats with top unboxings and on the right side you have chat, where you can communicate with other players. It's not much different from other VGO Case Openings sites.


Unfortunately there is no customer support on the site. If you need any information you can try contacting them via Twitter or an email at

Pros and Cons


  • Official VGO Cases and Custom Case
  • Clean UI
  • Affiliate System
  • Trading


  • No customer support
  • No mobile version