LootVGO Review 2018

LootVGO is one of the first VGO Case Opening sites to offer only official VGO Cases. Many sites have their origin in CSGO openings, but this is not the case. This site appeared right after introduction of VGO skins and had been gaining on popularity ever since.

LootVGO Code and bonuses

Unfortunately at the time of writing this review LootVGO has not been offering any promo code or any other bonuses, beside what you can get as an affiliate (which is 30% of their revenue).

You can use code: orksgaming, but this will just give us some profit from every vgo case you’ve opened. If you want to support us, then go for it


LootVGO offers 2 games (if you can call case opening a game). First one is obviously opening official vgo cases and second one is called Case Battles, where you can open cases simultaneously with other players, and a person who get most valued skins out of them wins the battle. It’s actually pretty cool and for sure more exciting then plain vgo case opening.

Payment methods

There are actually no payment methods available on the site. The way it works with official vgo case opening websites, you just buy keys on OPSkins. and you trade them to the site’s bot in order to be able to open the case. After winning a skin, it appears automatically in your inventory. As for OPSkins you can add funds to your account with various methods including:

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • G2A Pay
  • Bitcoin

There are no withdrawals from the site, as items get directly transferred to your OPSkins account. Over there you can sell them on the market and withdraw Real Money or transfer elsewhere.


LootVGO offers dark, but clean design. On the left side you can see the list of vgo skins won in recent openings. On the right side you have a chat with quite many users (most of them spectating case battles) and in the middle you can see vgo cases available for opening (at the time of writing this review just 4). Below the cases you will find the list of TOP20 unboxing of the day.


There is no support on the site, which seems to be quite common for new VGO Case Openings sites. If you need any information you can try contacting them via Twitter or Discord or just asking other users on chat.

Pros and Cons


  • Official VGO Cases
  • Clean User Interface
  • Popular (many people on chat)
  • Affiliate System
  • Nice Animations


  • No customer support
  • Only 2 games (but well, it's meant for case openings :))

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