大小 224.9M

更新了 每周礼包(赎回界面Redemption UI),显示每周重置前的剩余时间


在比赛结束时添加了通知,用于显示CS Rating在比赛中途是否有调整(例如,由于玩家被踢出或放弃了比赛的结果,或者从与作弊者对战中恢复了丢失的分数)


Release Notes for 11/3/2023

Updated Redemption UI to show remaining time before weekly rollover

Competitive Rating will now be updated after returning to main menu from a win

Added notice to end of match for when CS Rating had been adjusted midmatch (e.g. due to the outcome of a match that the player was kicked from or abandoned, or recovering lost points from playing against a cheater)

Various bug fixes and tweaks